Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Malaysia’s Mervin Chan Dominates Aussie Millions’ Poker Tournament

Malaysia’s pride, Mervin Chan scores RM 5,172, 624 (A$1.6 M) and hailed as the victor of the recently concluded, Aussie Millions.

Popularly known as “The Cat,” Chan is also bringing home an elegant Chrysler 300C. His win seals his name in the ever exciting world of Poker.

While struggling during the early part of the 8-day competition, Chan brought home the bacon after forming a stringer hand against 2012 Melbourne Poker Champion, Joe Cabret.

With full confidence, Chan’s 8-6 combo beat Cabret’s A-3 of Diamond.

Other than Chan and Cabret, some of the most prominent poker figures that were present in the competition were 2010 Aussie Million Challenge winner, Dan Shak; consistent poker finalist, Patrick Antonius, Jarrod Glennon and Jay Tan. 

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