Monday, January 21, 2013

Why Casino War Is The Easiest Card Game In Malaysian Online Casino

Casino War is a straightforward and simple Malaysian online casino game. Its difficulty level is similar to that of slots. Newbies and veteran players alike can take advantage of this game.

How to play Casino War
The only objective of this Malaysian online casino game is to get a better/higher card than the dealer.

There are no complicated rules to observe and strategies to develop.

Here is how the game goes:
a.      The player and the dealer will receive a card
b.     Whoever gets the card with a higher value, wins the game

Casino War is a fast-paced game. Players will immediately know the results right after the card’s distribution.

Breaking ties
In case there is a tie, the player will have two (2) options. First is to surrender or go to war.

To surrender means giving up the hand. Going to war means getting 4 more cards. The value of the 4th card shall determine the casino game’s winner.

Compared to other card games, Casino War is one of the easiest. This feature enables the player to get more winnings, play longer and have total fun.