Friday, January 18, 2013

How The Casino Game Video Poker Differ From Live Poker

Recently in 12BET Casino, one of its Vietnamese players just hit a life-changing win in the casino game, Aces and Faces.

Aces and Faces is one of the well-known video poker games across Asia due to its huge payout.

Many, however, are still confused by the difference between video poker and live poker. Are they the same?

The differences
Live poker and video poker are quite similar casino games. Their similarity lies in one thing: to form a strong and better hand.

However, there are certain differences that make these casino games unique.

In video poker the players go against the machine, whereas in live poker, players face each other.

Usually, in video poker, random number generators (RNGs) determine the results whereas in live poker, it largely depends on the players strategy and skill.

Video poker is likewise, more fast-paced. Members will immediately know the value of their hand. Common scenes that make live poker a slow-paced game, i.e bluffing are no longer present in video poker.

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