Thursday, August 30, 2012

What’s With Roulette Pro?

Less clicks, more gaming options and great prizes characterize 12BET Casino’s Roulette Pro.

For roulette lovers looking for a user-friendly interface and options, not to mention the huge rewards at stake, Roulette Pro is indeed, the perfect game.

Simply predict the number, series of number or color where the ball will fall and you become a guaranteed winner.

The racetrack view
Roulette Pro includes a racetrack view where the numbers are lined up. This feature allows you to place your bets easily. Sometimes, relying on the wheel alone can be very confusing, which, in return can prevent you from applying a good strategy. The good thing, however, is that you do not have to worry about this matter.

To ensure fair gaming, a side screen of the roulette wheel can be seen too.

Double your bets
Majority of the hand and wrist related injuries are caused by too the computer mouse. Too much clicking is unhealthy.

In response to this Roulette Pro has a double bet option. Simply press this button and double your bets immediately.

There is no need for you to double your bets manually. You can do that in one click.

Call bets
Call bets are also present in this game. There are different types of call bets
·         Tier – A tier means you are betting on six (6) numbers
·         Orphelin – If 6 is not enough, you can always go for eight (8) numbers via placing this bet
·         Final – For this bet, you have to consider the last digit. For example, if you place a bet on five (5), this means that it also covers all numbers that end in 5.
·         Voisins du Zero- Under this bet, this means that you are wagering on seventeen (17) numbers

Call bets are essential in spreading your risks. You do not concentrate in a single bet alone.

To start playing Roulette Pro in 12BET Casino, simply download our casino client. Our flash client is also available for those who do not want to download and install anything.