Thursday, July 5, 2012

The 4 Bitter Consequences Of Giving Misleading Information In Online Casinos

There are instances where potential members give misleading information when registering to online casinos. Some have hesitations in divulging their true identity due to the cybercrimes that proliferate in the world wide web. However, these acts will only lead them to further troubles.

Withdrawal difficulties
Providing misleading information results to withdrawal difficulties. Always remember that online casinos verify the credentials and identity of their players.  This is one of the many methods that they use to protect their players’ rights and their reputation. Giving misleading information will only hurt you. Well this is not just because, withdrawals become a difficult task (when it should be easy); rather, it is more of going through all the hassles of finding proof to support your “made-up” identity.

Voided winnings
Should online casinos find out that they receive misleading information, expect winnings to be voided. The mere act of submitting fabricated details is already considered fraudulent and online casinos never tolerate this act. It will be unfair to other players. Moreover, due to rampant cases of phishing and identity theft, casino sites will not take the risk of having players that are directly involved in such cybercrimes. Thus, voiding the winnings is more of a precautionary measure.

You will be banned
As discussed, providing misleading information is fraudulent. Being banned is highly possible. This is performed not only to penalize the involved player but also to prevent the latter from posting further security threats into the whole system.

You invade the privacy of another
Those who refuse to reveal their true identity and use the name of another is actually breaching somebody else’s privacy. This is a serious matter for it is not only the name that is used, but also other confidential information such as credit card details and bank account numbers.

Always practice honesty when you register in online casinos. Never resort to fabricating information for you will be penalized for it. However, more than anything else, this does not reflect a good practice or impression.