Friday, April 13, 2012

Account Locked Due To Winning Consistently

It has been often said that winning is everything. But if you win constantly, does this mean that you are heading for a greater trouble? Can online casinos ban you if the best odds are with you?

The myth
Some players think that a winning streak is the fastest way to get banned in an online casino—that this is not permitted because the house is losing a considerable amount. Others, to be more specific, those who won a big jackpot, even fear that they might not be able to log-in to their accounts right after they withdraw all their winnings—as if the simple act of winning is a curse or a preventive measure.

As a result, there are members who would set a so-called “winning limit” when they are getting favorable results. They would stop themselves from enjoying live games online to protect their accounts from being locked.

The irrational fear of winning becomes even more intense from stories and hearsays of other players who were unjustly banned simply because they are perform well in casino gaming.

Is there any truth in these beliefs? Do these notions have factual basis?

The truth
Needless to say, the above-mentioned beliefs are no less than pure myths. You cannot be banned merely because of winning. You cannot be prevented from accessing your account just because your online blackjack strategies work. You cannot be banned simply because your slot games winnings steadily increase.

Top  caliber casinos such as 12BET casino acknowledge the skill of its respective members. They are fully aware that winning is a natural occurrence and that it would be truly unfair to deny their members the right to enjoy casino games just because they are getting good results.

Online casinos want their members to stay and continue playing and in a game, always there is someone out there who will win or lose. This is a reality that is present in online casino providers.

Now if there is anything that could immediately lead to the player’s account termination, it is no other than committing fraudulent activities.

There is nothing more satisfying than winning. Reputable online casinos are aware of this and they would not use this to limit the activities of their players. In as far as 12BET Casino is concerned, this is something that its members truly deserve and if by winning, they get the best online casino experience, then so be it.

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