Monday, March 12, 2012

Blackjack Myths: Fact Or Fiction?

Due to blackjack’s popularity, different myths have been spread about it. Usually, these are beliefs on how certain actions or behaviors can affect your game. But as the term “myths” imply, these beliefs do not really reflect the truth.

Blackjack is a game of luck
While luck is one of the most important ingredients to win in blackjack, this does not necessarily mean that luck alone will determine your winning chances. More than anything else, this game requires strategies, techniques and experience. Blackjack is where you put your wit and skills to the test. You need to study the game carefully and understand its rules in order to gain advantage.

Changing tables
Another persistent blackjack myth is that one should change their tables whenever they lose consistently. Again, it should be noted that blackjack requires skill. Experience likewise plays an important role. When changing tables, this implies that the dealer manipulates the game. Needless to say, this is not true.

Dealer affects the play
Speaking of the dealer, they are often believed to have direct influence over the game. As mentioned, this has no basis at all. The dealer is simply performing his or her job. They cannot manipulate the game for it is strictly prohibited. Even in online casinos, there is no way that dealers can influence the games.

Doubling the bets
It is very common for players to double their bets whenever they are on a losing streak. Evidently, this is not a good approach for this is a sure way to lose all your funds. Oftentimes, it is perceived that when a player doubles his bets, he can cover all his losses. Unfortunately, this will most likely happen only if the player has a big bank roll.

Changing cards
More often than not, players believe that a new deck of cards could increase their winning chances. This is most especially true if the game no longer works in their favor. But then again, this is nothing but pure myth and has no basis at all.

Myths are very common among card games. Blackjack is not an exempted from it. Yet, as mentioned, myths are not true at all. If there is any truth about it, these myths, by nature, are purely coincidental.

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