Friday, February 3, 2012

How Promotion Wagering Requirement Works

A wagering requirement is a very important requirement of every promotion. This is something that cannot be totally disregarded as it deters bonus harvesters and ensures that the bonus actually goes to the genuine recreational players.  It is rare to see a promotion without a wagering requirement. If there is a promotion of such kind, a player should think twice prior to joining such promo or is advised to read the fine terms!

Wagering requirement explained

Technically speaking, this condition refers to the number of times that a person needs to play through before he or she can withdraw a promotion bonus plus winnings. 

For example, a player who deposits $1000 and receives a $100 bonus after joining a promotion may need to wager his deposit plus bonus for 20X. This means that he should be making at least $22,000 in total bets first before he could withdraw his deposit, bonus and winnings.

The logic behind the wagering requirement is for all casinos to prevent bonus hunting or bonus whoring by unscrupulous professional harvesters who simply hit and run. The best and reputable casinos know that it is business suicide to offer free bonus without the wagering requirement.

Wagering requirement too high

The average casino wagering requirements in the industry ranges from 20X to 30X.  But there are others who observe a 40X wagering condition. Evidently, anything lower than 20 is a bit questionable. Why? This is because it will only invite bonus hunters. An online casino plagued by bonus hunters is less likely to survive and therefore pose a danger to their genuine members’ money.

9 Dragons Catch The Pearl Promo

In 12BETCasino’s Chinese New Year Promotion, we observe a 30X wagering requirement. However, genuine members who participate are getting a good deal. They have eight (8) opportunities to complete such condition. The bonus is not a one-time event. Indeed, a total of eight (8) bonuses can be acquired. The best deal is that the final or the 9th bonus which is the prize is offered for free without any deposit condition should a member completes the 8 dragon bonuses successfully! That is not all, members who participate will get rebates or cash backs on their losses if there is any.

A new surprise for 2012

Due to 12BET’s commitment to provide value-laden products and services, two additional features were added to the casino downloadable software where a member can see his wagering requirements of a bonus and the remaining wager to complete.

These options can help the player in various ways. First, they inform the player about the wagering conditions of the game and the remaining number of wagers that they must satisfy.

12BET duly understand that some players do not have the luxury of time to read the terms and conditions of the promotions. Thus, this is our way of making things a lot easier for them. Secondly, these options readily reflect our aim for transparency. Lastly, it gives the player more control over his or her bets.

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Simply make your first deposit into casino wallet to claim the first Dragon bonus on or before the 6th February 2012 and you can take your time to complete all the Dragon bonuses until 22nd February 2012. 

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