Thursday, January 19, 2012

Primer To Online Casinos: What Every New Player Should Know by 12BET

Primer To Online Casinos: What Every New Player Should Know

Comfort and convenience are two of the most important factors that resulted to the rise of online casinos.  Despite of the risks associated into it, the idea of playing inside the comfort of one's home, away from all the hassles of land-based casinos and free from all the pressure of other players are enough to retain a solid customer base.
Business-wise, online casinos are known for generating large revenues. It is estimated that their total income amount to billions – far bigger than the most sought-after clothes or food offered in the market.
But online casinos, compared to other web-based gaming platforms, are not as simple as many would often think. It demands a total understanding of its interphase and functions.
Important aspects of online casinos 

  • Security - Money transfers and other related transactions are very common in online casinos. A deposit is necessary before a player can start betting. The fact that it involves monetary transactions explains the clamor over security issues and concerns. With the proliferation of cybercrime, to be more specific, phishing, testing the security features of online casinos is a must.
  • License – Similar to other business establishments, or even land-based casinos for that matter, online casinos should be duly licensed. This ensures that their operations are legal—that they do not violate any provision. An unlicensed online casino will more likely compromise their client's hard-earned cash.
  • Customer and technical support – System glitches are unavoidable. Aside from causing delays, it prevents the players from performing other important transactions e.g. making a withdrawal.  It is therefore important to have support systems that could immediately address the player's concerns in an instant. It does not only make the player feel more secured. It is also essential in building good relationships
  • User-friendly website - Visual appeal play an important role in online casinos. But then again, design alone is not enough to attract plenty of players. The site's navigation is also crucial. Under this context, "user-friendly" becomes the operative word. Players who find it hard to navigate all over the website or if it is taking too long to upload may prevent players from coming back. It defeats the purpose of "comfort and convenience" in the truest sense of the words. 
These four (4) factors are highly critical in the success of online casinos. One cannot simply take these things for granted. For the administrator, these could help them retain their players. For the players, this means having more reasons to go back.