Sunday, January 8, 2012

Casino 12BET guidelines 1/208


Online blackjack is fun and relatively easy. Sure it’s not as fun as the latest PlayStation game or like a good old school videogames, and some might point out that a proper sport activity might be more fun and healthy, but still, I like and I consider it fun. And I bet I’m not the only one!

As for many other fun activities, it’s nice to play just for fun for a while, but then you feel the need deep inside of you to go to the next level and that’s when you start studying. Recently I even found a site to dedicate to surf science and studies and I have to say it was quite a surprise to me!

So if someone wants to study surfing, why don’t you study a bit about an game like blackjack where u even invest money hoping to win some out of it? Moreover, playing according to a set strategy rather than based on hunches can significantly reduce the House edge, which means it can significantly improve your chances to win. Fortunately, good online blackjack strategy is simple to learn. So here comes my “homemade blackjack online diploma”. Let’s start with the basic tips:

Basic Online Blackjack Strategy
Your most important step to improving blackjack results is using basic strategy. Basic strategy is a system developed and refined over decades of research that has determined the mathematically correct play in every situation.

Find your easy-to-read online blackjack strategy chart online. Keep that chart open on your screen as you play and you’ll never make a bad decision while playing blackjack.

Online Blackjack Variations
While standard blackjack is still very common online, there are also many other blackjack variants out there, such as blackjack switch, Pontoon and Spanish 21. Be sure you know what type of blackjack you are playing before you sit down. If you are playing a variant, look for a strategy chart that applies to that specific variant, as the odds change depending on which type of blackjack you play.

Insurance in Online Blackjack
Your online blackjack strategy chart may not indicate this, but it is always a mistake to take insurance. Insurance is offered when the dealer has an ace showing. The player has the option to take insurance by putting up a bet equal to half the original wager.

If the player takes insurance, the dealer checks for blackjack. If he has it, he wins the hand, but the player gets 2-to-1 on the blackjack bet, breaking even.

If the dealer does not have it, the player loses the insurance bet and play proceeds normally. If a player who is dealt blackjack takes insurance, he gets 1-to-1 on his money rather than the normal 3-to-2, regardless of the outcome of the hand.

The dealer will have blackjack more often than we would like. However, more often than not, he will not have blackjack, so this is a bad bet whether the player has blackjack or not. -